idisaster 2.0

Post by: Kim Stephens

Can you readily identify every government agency that has a social media presence in your town, county, or state? During  a crisis having a “dashboard” of all of these feeds would be very valuable information. It would be interesting to survey every state to see how they are providing citizens this information. From my own sample of 10 states: Alaska, Vermont, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Mexico, Missouri and the ones listed below, it seems to be about 70% have aggregated social media links. There are, however, various levels of how well this is executed. In my opinion, good execution would include an embedded and aggregated feed, lists of both state and local agencies, obvious navigation to the list from the homepage, and intuitive design.

Maryland–my homestate, for example, has a list of every agency and a hyperlink to their social media pages. It is easy to…

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